Why are doughnuts called doughnuts and how to make them

Who knew that Homer Simpson’s favorite snack has been around for at least two centuries? There’s even a day celebrating the doughy fried goodness on June 4. Let’s take a look at the origins of this simple snack that has stood the test of time and maybe even try to rustle up a batch of […]

Why The ‘Commons’ May Be The Future Of The Food System

Professor Jose Luis Vivero-Pol has a PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain. He is an anti-hunger and social rights activist with fourteen years of experience on food security policies and programs. An agricultural engineer by profession, his current interests include the ethical, legal, and political dimensions of the transition toward fairer and more sustainable […]

What culinary trends emerged from living through a full year of a pandemic, when restaurants and the hotels that house them were rocked by closures and reduced capacity, and cruise ships and their many eateries were shut down? We dig in.

The first of Travel Weekly’s biannual culinary issues arrives just shy of the one-year anniversary of Covid-19 being declared a pandemic. This has meant a year of periodic closures of restaurants and the hotels that house them; the full-year shutdown of cruise ships and their many eateries; and restrictions on the number of diners inside […]

The Chinese county famed for its double-yolk duck eggs

(CNN) — “Would you like salted duck egg with that?” asked the cook. I was on a trip to Yangzhou in China’s Jiangsu province and had popped into a small eatery for a bite of breakfast, ordering congee and a side of pickled vegetables. Before I could respond, the cook disappeared into the kitchen, then reemerged […]
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Malta’s modest, delicious ftira gets UNESCO recognition for its cultural heritage

The trailblazing success of the ftira at UNESCO will lead the way for other Maltese traditions to find their place with this international representation of humanity. What says Argentina more than Tango or India more than Yoga? In the context of practices and traditions, formally classified by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage in its 2003 […]
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Rome debuts hot pizza vending machine

(CNN) — Raffaele Esposito, the 19th century Neapolitan credited with inventing Italy’s most famous type of pizza, may be turning in his grave: Rome has a new vending machine which slides out freshly cooked pizzas in just three minutes. Buyers using the flaming red “Mr. Go Pizza” machine can choose from four different kinds of pizzas costing […]
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Ramadan recipes: This freekeh-stuffed chicken is comfort food for the soul

DUBAI: Jordanian Chef Hassan Al-Naami shares his delectable recipe for fragrant freekeh-stuffed chicken, a dish that is wildly popular at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, where he brings his culinary vision to life at the hotel’s Middle Eastern restaurant, Amaseena. As Ramadan draws to a close, give this dish a go for a special iftar this week. Chicken […]
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3 Wine Tourism Breaks in Europe

If you love wine then wine tourism provides an alternative to the usual types of travel ensuring more space, less crowded destinations and of course a constant flow of wine. Whilst many hotels have closed throughout various global lockdowns, vineyards have continued to function. Vineyards by their very nature are located within vast acres of […]
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