Croatia welcomed 18.9 million tourists in 2022, 37 percent more than the previous year, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports said in a statement on Monday. There were also 25 percent more overnight stays last year with 104.8 million recorded, according to date from the country’s eVisitor system. The record year for Croatian tourism is […]


Unions, port officials and the French authorities blamed Brexit on Saturday thousands of holidaymakers faced long waits to cross the English Channel, while lorries remained backed up after the second day of travel chaos. The United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Liz Truss laid the blame squarely on Paris, insisting: “The French authorities have not put enough […]


Italy’s railroads are planning new luxury trains that will take tourists on multi-day trips through the country in elegant carriages starting in 2023. Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia presented the project under the motto “Treno della Dolce Vita” (Train of Sweet Life) together with the state railroad company FS and other stakeholders. The luxury trains will […]

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