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Mediterranean ObserverNovember 29, 2023

New proposals offer passengers improved rights and easier access to travel information Have you ever had your flight cancelled and not been compensated for it? Passenger rights will be reinforced, thanks to new Commission proposals. Right now, the European Union is the only area in the world which has a passenger rights framework in place for all […]


Bleak gender diversity figures for cruise companies don’t tell the whole story; much to celebrate for OTA & travel companies Only 35% of the cruise industry’s workforce are female, dropping to 3% in the C-Suite and zero female CEOs or chairs leading the major conglomerates – however, six smaller cruise lines are led by women […]


The number of cruise passengers arriving in Türkiye exceeded the 1 million mark in 2022, a senior official said Thursday, marking the crucial industry’s complete rebound from the fallout of the pandemic. Some 991 cruise ships docked at Turkish ports throughout last year, increasing more than 12 times compared to just 78 that arrived in […]


The EU Green Deal significantly increased the EU’s climate ambition and set unprecedented emission reduction targets to be reached over the next decades. In particular, the EU is aiming for a 55% decrease in emission levels by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. The ultimate objective is to create the first climate neutral continent by 2050. […]


EU agreement on Digital Policy Programme The EU Council and Parliament agreed on the monitoring and cooperation system of the 2030 Policy Programme: Path to the Digital Decade. The programme sets up a monitoring and cooperation system to achieve the common objectives and targets for Europe’s digital transformation set out in the 2030 Digital Compass […]


Europe is not just experiencing heatwaves on land. The Mediterranean Sea is experiencing a brutal marine heatwave this July, which will have devastating impacts on marine ecosystems while also enhancing heatwaves on land. Water temperatures are as high as 6.2°C above normal! This is being reported by US Storm Watch Agency. The Agency added that […]


During the fourth quarter of 2021, there were 34 cruise liner calls in Malta. Transit passengers accounted for the absolute majority of total traffic, reaching 42,166 passengers. On average, every vessel that berthed in Malta carried 1,323 passengers. EU nationals comprised the largest share of total cruise passengers during the period under review, at 82.3 […]


Egypt announced Tuesday an increase for transit fees related to key global maritime route Suez Canal amid a cash squeeze, with price hikes reaching 10%. The Suez Canal Authority said on its website the increases were “in line with the significant growth in global trade” and cited the canal’s “development and enhancement of the transit […]

Mediterranean ObserverNovember 15, 2021

Turkey’s Aegean resort town of Kuşadası welcomed two more cruise ships on Saturday, with dockings gaining pace as the tourism industry claws back from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Norway-flagged Viking Sea and Viking Venus docked at Ege Port, known for hosting the highest number of cruisers annually, and brought in around 1,200 passengers. […]

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