The European Commission will hold a webinar to explain the requirements and benefits of EU Ecolabel certification for interested accommodation providers in light of future legal requirements. Various ecosystem stakeholders will intervene, share knowledge, and provide examples of what the industry is doing to be more sustainable. The webinar will take place on Tuesday 11 […]


The latest report on intra-European travel sentiment by the European Travel Commission (ETC) reveals several key trends and insights on the upcoming travel season (May – October 2024). 74% of Europeans plan their leisure travel during this period, marking a 5% increase from the previous year. This rise is particularly notable among those over 55, […]


Contribute to the European-funded Tourbit’s project Tourism 4.0 industry roadmap. Tourism 4.0 powered by cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain among others, promises a paradigm shift towards personalized, immersive, and sustainable travel and tourism experiences. However, unlocking the full potential of this revolution requires a collaborative […]


The European Commission has today designated Booking Holdings, the parent company of, as a gatekeeper platform under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). now has six months to comply with all the do’s and don’ts as a gatekeeper. HOTREC strongly supports the official designation. European hoteliers are confronted with far too many unfair business […]


The European Commission has designated Booking Holdings, the parent company of, as a gatekeeper platform under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). now has six months to comply with the DMA’s requirements. Booking Holdings has been preventing hotels from offering better prices on their own channels and not sharing sufficient data with hotel partners. […]


The European Travel Commission’s recent report, “European Tourism Trends & Prospects,” highlights ongoing growth in Europe’s tourism sector, demonstrating resilience despite economic challenges and high prices. In early 2024, Europe’s tourism saw foreign arrivals and overnight stays exceed 2019 levels by 7.2% and 6.5%, respectively, continuing the recovery from 2023. This growth is driven primarily […]


This week, several EU organisations co-signed a statement on the revision of the Package Travel Directive (PTD). The signatories represent a broad spectrum of stakeholders from the tourism supply chains including travel organisers, intermediaries, and service providers such as accommodation, attractions, and transport. The statement focuses on the ‘package’ definition and the limitation of prepayments.


Findings have just been published from a recent report conducted by the University of Surrey and the European Travel Commission, on employee skills development in the hospitality industry. Nowadays, individuals within the hospitality sector are acquiring a diverse set of transferable skills. Extensive research highlights hospitality as an enduring avenue for continuous learning and adaptable […]

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