April 12, 2024 Mediterranean Observer

Travel and tourism industry unites to tackle climate change

This week, the first EU tourism forum on climate change was held in Rhodes, Greece, whereby the European travel and tourism industry met to discuss the impact of climate crises on the sector. A landmark joint declaration was signed to commit to a more sustainable and resilient tourism industry in the future. Key commitments from […]
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MHRA Acknowledges AirMalta’s Legacy and Welcomes the Dawn of KM Malta Airlines

As AirMalta bids farewell after 50 years of service, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) pays homage to its profound impact on Malta’s tourism industry and broader economy. Since its inception, AirMalta has been a cornerstone of economic growth and social progress, facilitating vital connectivity for the island nation. Tony Zahra, President of MHRA, […]
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March 22, 2024 Mediterranean Observer

Green diplomacy: Council conclusions reaffirm the EU’s commitment to work closely with partners to accelerate a global just and inclusive green transition

Today, the Council approved conclusions on green diplomacy, unequivocally affirming the EU’s commitment to promote a just and inclusive green transition, and to support the implementation of global commitments in this regard, in close cooperation with partner countries worldwide through enhanced multilateralism and global action. In its conclusions, the Council reiterates the gravity of the accelerating triple planetary crisis of […]
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March 22, 2024 Mediterranean Observer

European Commission publishes Action Plan to tackle skills and labour shortages

On 21 March 2024, the Commission published an action plan to tackle labour and skills shortages and proposes to work together with Member States and social partners to address these issues in the years ahead. The action plan is part of the EU’s strategy to boost its competitiveness and enhance its economic and social resilience. […]
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March 21, 2024 Mediterranean Observer

European Commission publishes new legislation on the quality of traineeships in the EU

On 20 March 2024, the European Commission took an initiative on the quality of traineeships. The main objective is to improve working conditions for trainees, including pay, inclusiveness and quality of traineeships in the EU. The initiative consists of: The initiative consists of: a proposal for a Directive on improving and enforcing working conditions for trainees combatting regular […]
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Do you think that the Government Voucher Scheme should be re-introduced?
Do you think that the Government Voucher Scheme should be re-introduced?
Do you think that the Government Voucher Scheme should be re-introduced?


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21 March 2021 – Good France

The 6th edition of the event “Goût de France/Good France” has been postponed until spring 2021, following the measures taken to fight the COVID-19 health crisis. Though delayed, will still be the beloved opportunity for professionals of French gastronomy to share their know-how and their passion for this cuisine, as it is every year. Scheduled […]

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