European Travel Trends for 2024

The latest report on intra-European travel sentiment by the European Travel Commission (ETC) reveals several key trends and insights on the upcoming travel season (May – October 2024).

74% of Europeans plan their leisure travel during this period, marking a 5% increase from the previous year. This rise is particularly notable among those over 55, with 81% expressing travel intentions.

The Mediterranean region is on top of the charts with Sun & Beach holidays representing 20% of foreseen demand, followed by City Breaks (16%). July and August are anticipated to be the peak travel months, chosen by 44% of travellers. Hotels remain the top accommodation choice for 56% of travellers, followed by short-term rentals at 17%.

Considering booking, over half of respondents have already booked their next trip with the results showing that young people are more likely to plan and book in advance. Customers keep using search engines (23%), travel websites (21%), and online maps (16%) as their preferred ways of information search. Only 4% currently use generative AI to get their holidays going.

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