Turkey | Kuşadası Allures Diving Enthusiasts with Underwater Treasures

A coastal city of history and tourism in Turkey, Kuşadası allures diving enthusiasts with underwater treasures, in addition to offering historical and natural beauties on land.

A member of the Kuşadası City Council, Ali Kotan said that Kuşadası stands out with its underwater treasures and mild weather, which allows for year-round diving.

On top of being a businessman and politician, Kotan is very into sports, to which he says he owes his professional success.

“Aydın Metropolitan Municipality’s efforts to boost tourism are not limited to on-land investments but encompass the underwater realm as well. Recently, in a project supported by the municipality, a plane was sunk deep in the water to encourage underwater tourism,” said Kotan.

Describing Kuşadası as a safe place for anyone keen on diving between the ages of seven and 70, Kotan said: “Kuşadası is not only important because of its cultural aspects but also its natural riches. I believe that the sunken plane, where subaquatic creatures have started proliferating, is a must-see place that displays the underwater life naturally.”

Each diving school in the region provides professional equipment for divers of all levels. Kotan invites all diving enthusiasts to the region, recommending they experience diving in Kuşadası.

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