Malta | Restaurants, Bars and Kazini can stay Open until 2am from Monday 28th June

Maltese Health Authorities relax a number of COVID-19 measures

Restaurants, Bars and Kazini (Band Clubs) will no longer have to close up at midnight from Monday 28th June as the Health Authorities have given them the green light to stay open until 2am.

In a statement on Friday, the Health Ministry said those whose licence allows them to stay open past midnight can start doing so but must close up by 2am.

In recent weeks, large groups of people were gathering in bays after bars and restaurants closed up at midnight, prompting widespread outrage and calls for establishments to be allowed to stay open longer.

In the same statement, the Ministry said that also from Monday, sea transport operators can operate at 65 per cent capacity.

And on sport, the ministry announced fitness classes will resume as will contact sport for those aged under 17.

Visits to hospital will also be extended and patients can now have visitors between 11.30am and 1pm as well as between 3pm and 8pm.

The rules on mask-wearing, however, will remain as announced earlier in May. This means that from Thursday, fully vaccinated people can remove their mask when outdoors with another vaccinated person.

The mask must continue to be worn in indoor public spaces, in groups of more than two people and whenever there is a person who is not vaccinated.

Children under 12 can remove their mask as long as they are with vaccinated people.

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