Five travel hacks for the perfect 2020 getaway
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Jetting off for a few days, weeks, or months, has become easier with so many low-cost airlines offering travel packages for all occasions. The challenge for any travel lover is to adapt ‘travel hacks’ to ease the experience.

Whether knowing which websites to scour for the best offers, or mastering packing your suitcase for long holidays like a pro- these five travel hacks will certainly make your 2020 trips all the more relaxing. 

Do not book your flights too early (or too late)


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Booking your flights too early could cost you as much as buying them at the last minute. Travel experts say the best time to buy airline tickets is around three weeks before your intended departure date. 

Include a weekend in your trip


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This is a particularly useful if you are planning to fly to more ‘corporate’ destinations such as Milan, Rome or London. Business travellers usually choose to fly on weekdays, so hotels and airlines tend to up the prices on weekday flights. Including a Saturday night in your trip might easily save you up to 50% on your flight tickets.

Clear your browsing cache


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Experts highly recommend clearing your browsing data after every new search to avoid airline websites tracking your browsing activity. This sometimes translates into websites displaying tempting ticket prices, so whether you have been silently craving a trip, or panicking because the flights you want are slowly increasing in price, you might end up spending more money than you originally planned to.

 Shop around for flights from different airlines


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Consider add-ons like checked baggage before buying your tickets. The total cost of a flight often turns out to be more expensive than originally indicated, so weigh all your options carefully.

Pack your clothes first


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This will prevent creases and make the most of your suitcase space. Use the ‘roll method’ for your clothes before placing them in your suitcase neatly. Other bulky items such as shoes, hair products or bathroom products can easily be packed safely between each item, so you needn’t worry about the air turbulence ruining your more ‘fragile’ belongings.


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