Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association forecasts a steady recovery this Summer for the Tourism Sector

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) welcomes the news that Malta has been added to UK’s green list.

MHRA President Tony Zahra states that, “This is an important development for the recovery of the Maltese tourism sector this year. UK is a very important source market for Malta and therefore it is expected that this news will lead to a resumption in bookings from the UK in the coming weeks”.

Mr Zahra states that this development is a well-deserved result for all the coordinated efforts spearhead by all stakeholders including Government, health authorities, investors, employers, operators, employees, and the very much appreciated cooperation of the general public.

MHRA commends the efforts spearheaded by Government in managing to create the right balance between the economy and the health and well-being of all. This indeed is a success story. But the challenges are not yet over. MHRA appeals to all involved not to let the guards down whilst the relaxation of certain protocols by the health authorities is now important in order to ensure that hospitality operations are run smoothly and hence service excellence is ensured.

Furthermore, MHRA appeals to the relevant authorities to adopt policies which fast track the recruitment of foreign workers to sustain the operations of our Hotels and Restaurants. Mr Zahra states that, “we are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel, therefore now it’s time to work harder to rekindle a tourism sector, which today more than ever before, is critical for our general economy and the well-being of our people.”

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