Ladies And Gentlemen – Welcome To Istanbul!


This week, our wanderlust has led us to the very barriers of Eurasia. History buffs will know this place to be the historic city of Constantinople and Byzantium. The gateway between Europe and Asia, a trade ‘Mecca’ if you will.

That is if this was a time where Troy still existed and everybody fought for the Aegean. The vibrant city has been transformed into Istanbul, a #potd hotspot, home of the perfect pide, and one of the best places for a getaway no matter which walk of life you happen to be walking.

Ladies and gents, welcome to Istanbul.

It’s not just the Aya Sofya or the Blue Mosque, or even the Grand Bazaar. Istanbul also boasts a little family of vibrant hamlets begging any tourist to take a peek.

Still unsure? Well…

  1. Istanbul is the most exotic city in Europe. This huge metropolis is the only city in the world located on two continents, which reflects the city’s Oriental identity as it perfectly entangles itself with nearby European echoes. It is the ultimate definition of coexistence.
  2. You can hit two birds with one stone with a boat trip on the Bosphorus Strait. This separates Europe from Asia, and gives you the perfect view of Istanbul’s  hills sitting gracefully over the multiple minarets of mosques.
  3. There are literally over 3,000 mosques to visit, but the must-see has to be the Blue Mosque. It is the city’s main mosque despite being half the size of the Aya Sofya. You will of course be asked to remove your shoes before you enter, but the rich mosaics and fascinating ceramic tiles are only some of the enchantments that await you inside.
  4. The Grand Bazaar. Also known as the world’s most practical and friendly shopping mall. From spices, herbs, Turkish teas and coffees and earthy soaps, you simply cannot be in a better place to get your hands on some of the best products man can offer. Not to mention the string of street foods and Turkish delight you can buy here!

….well, until you all pack your bags, there’s a hamam down the street with our names on it.

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