How To Do It Alone
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Travelling alone has been all the rage for some years now. There is nothing not to love about it. In an age where we are all fighting to have the best possible relationship with ourselves, what better way to test this chemistry than taking yourself on a trip?

We bet you can picture it already, sitting in a quiet café in Paris reading some enticing Victor Hugo novel, or sitting on the grass in Hyde Park having a mini picnic with your fine self. Or running through Disneyland and skipping all those lines.

Yes, travelling alone is truly something else.


While the soul searching part of the trip is by all means crucial, your safety will always take precedence, so here are our top four tips on keeping yourself safe during your next solo trip, even if it happens to be your first.

  1. Choose your destination wisely. Luckily for us, many European and Mediterranean cities are super safe, accessible, and full of cheap, safe accommodation. Keep to a reasonable budget and always make sure you have somebody from back home to contact in case of an emergency.
  2. Trust your instinct. With more people opting to travel by themselves, authorities have upped their safety game and their creativity. You may even stumble upon a ‘solo travel hot spot’, and find your people. So, if your gut is telling you to take the ‘long route’ back to the hotel, do it.
  3. Visit somewhere with little to no language barriers, especially if it is your first trip. This is key. Travelling alone is all fun and games, but that first trip will always be a little… ‘special’. Choose a country or city in which you can easily communicate, or whose native language you happen to speak very well. You will thank yourself for this.
  4. Study the transit system well. This will save you so much time and energy, and knowing your way around means you will blend in easily and not catch any pick-pocket’s wandering eye.

However the most important tip of all is to simply let go and enjoy it. The trip will not last forever, and each solo trip you take will teach you something new about yourself, and what drives you.

Happy travels!

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