Five ‘travel reads’ to carry with you on your next trip
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Mobile apps have got the ‘entertainment’ part of any flight pretty much solved. Most airlines also offer their own selection of films, television shows or channels to keep their customers nice and comfortable on their travels.

Still, most of us still prefer a good old fashioned friend in pages to make us feel like we got to our destination faster. From gripping horror novels to your favourite fantasy series, here are five of the most popular ‘airline reads’ to pack with you.

All That She Can See, by Carrie Hope Fletcher


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This bestseller will introduce you to Cherry, a girl with a hidden talent.
As far as the rest of the town is concerned she’s simply the kind young girl who runs the local bakery, but in private she uses her little hidden talent as a special ingredient to her cakes, so her customers will feel better about their lives after one bite. All That She Can See is a beautiful story of love, food and a sprinkle of magic perfect to drift you off into holiday mode.

The Collaborator, by Margaret Leroy


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In 1940, Guernsey, Vivienne de la Mare seems to be the perfect wife. Her husband is off fighting in the war, and in the privacy of her own home Vivienne must live with the strain of a lie. In a time where Guernsey has been occupied by Nazi forces, our main character learns.

Twenties Girl, by Sophie Kinsella

This is a very different kind of novel about two women in their twenties, because one of them is the ghost of the other one’s great-aunt from the 1920s. Lara and Sadie’s adventures will have you in fits, and will leave other passengers trying to have a peek too.

The Woman in Black, by Susan Hill


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Hill’s horror novel from the 1980s is the perfect balance of ‘old school’ horror and suspense. Here we meet Arthur Kipps, a grieving young attorney sent to Crythin Gifford to take care of the last will of a recently deceased woman (who you will also meet, if you know what we mean…). This book will put you in the perfect mood for autumn, and the adrenaline rush might lead you to a few good ghost walks once you land.

Secrets, by Lesley Pearse


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This beautiful coming of age novel is a perfect light read with just the right amount of drama. You will be transported to 1930’s London and join Adele Talbot’s journey against cruelty and her quest to find love, and a family. Pearse’s novel will warm your heart and ensure you land at your destination ready to fall in love with a new city or country.

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