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The second largest city in Egypt extends 32 km along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the central northern area of the country.  It is a major economic centre for Egypt, and a safe haven for local businesses due to it being the Egyptian ‘go to’ for imports or exports.

The city founded by Alexander the Great is today yet another popular tourist destination in Egypt other than Giza and Cairo, and another on the list of exotic, adventurous holiday destinations.

Whether it’s a thirst for adventure, or an attempt to keep up with your knowledge of international trade, here are five experience and locations you simply cannot miss if you ever step foot in Alexandria.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina


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The re-imagining of Alexandria’s ancient Great Library is a mecca of knowledge from the arts to latest academic papers. It also houses a number of museums, such as the Manuscript Museum and the Antiquities Museum for those whose mind tends to wander back to the days of Great Civilizations. If you are more into Business or Academia, the central library will soon become your sanctuary during your visit.

Fort Qaitbey


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The fort was once part of a much larger structure, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was built by Mamluke Sultan Qaitbey in an effort to fortify this important Egyptian port from attack, and rubble from the toppled lighthouse was used in its construction. It is the perfect quick visit for a short and practical history lesson, which will ALWAYS end with a spectacular view from the Mediterranean Sea at the highest point of the fort.



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This is a must for business enthusiasts. The city’s wide waterfront boasts a number of successful hotels, restaurants and SMEs ready to play host to you. Whether you pop in for a few tips or for the ultimate touristic experience, you will most certainly not be disappointed!

Souq District


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The all-time must. Alexandria’s main souq area is at the very end of Midan Tahrir and will sell you anything from fresh fish or meat, artifacts or clothing. You will also find a number of cafés and restaurants ready to welcome you for a fresh, local meal. The Souq District is another perfect example of how exotic countries are embracing their trade and business roots with a new, competitive and innovative tourism market. This stretch of stalls is one of the busiest areas in the city, so best to arrive as early as possible to really experience it.

Ras el-Tin Palace

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What was once a summer escape for Egypt’s sultans now fascinates thousands of tourists each year. Ras el-Tin Palace also happens to be the place where Egypt’s last king, King Farouk, abdicated in 1952. Most of its interior is out of bounds to visitors, seeing as it is home to the Egyptian Navy, yet its white façade stands tall and proud and ready to be experienced by any visitor.

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