Excavation & Demolition In Tourist Areas Must Not Take Place For Summer – MHRA


It’s the Law – Excavation and Demolition in Tourist areas must not take place between 15th June and 30th September.

The MHRA would like to reiterate its position on the enforcement of Legal Notice 295/07 and that it is imperative that the enforcement of this law is upheld rigorously.

In recent months the hotel industry has seen a faltering in its occupancy numbers. This can be compounded by negative experiences in tourist areas if any exceptions are made for whatever reason to this legal notice when the tourism market is at its peak.

This legal notice has proven a useful tool to alleviate some of the dust and noise that has become common place in Malta if not all the year, at least for the peak summer months.

The MHRA has lobbied with government so that the enforcement of existing standards of demolition and construction be more forcefully dealt with. Indeed, the recent incidents which, miraculously has not resulted in any deaths, should spur the government to mandate more modern techniques of noise, dust, and vibration mitigation methods.   Enforcement remains a major concern and government needs to step up its efforts so that we can have a sustainable tourism industry.


Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association

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