Efteling, the fairy tale theme park in the south of Holland, is sharing the recipes of its most popular treats for families to try at home.

The global lock down can elevate stress and anxiety. However, many people have found stress relief via baking.


Research shows that the opportunity to be creative with baking can relieve lockdown tensions. By mixing different ingredients and colours, people can express themselves and change their focus.

In line with this, Dr Mary McNoughton, a clinical psychologist and professor of Psychology at the University of Texas, states that baking feels familiar and can even lead to a mindful state.


Efteling is a fairytale theme park in the south of Holland. It is the perfect destination to reunite families since it has attractions to suit all ages and interests. Between the roller coasters, water rides, fairytale scenes and live shows, families can sample Efteling’s cafés and restaurants that showcase the best of Dutch cooking.

Since the park is still closed, Efteling is sending part of its experience home to its visitors. Families can now replicate part of the Efteling experience with delicious recipes from the Polles Taarten BoekWe share the recipe for the Crooked Foam Cake, which is one of the most popular sweet treats in Efteling.


Ingredients (for six servings)

  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • 180g fine granulated sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • 250ml of whipped cream
  • 1 tbsp white caster sugar
  • 250g strawberries

Method for creating the Crooked Foam Cake

  • Preheat oven to 175 °C. Stir the vanilla sugar and granulated sugar together. Mix the eggs in a mixer on a high setting until they are white in colour and have doubled in volume.
  • Continue mixing on a lower setting. Scoop one large tablespoon of the sugar mixture into the bowl of egg white. Wait until the sugar is well absorbed before adding the next spoon.  Add all the sugar and continue to mix until the foam is firm. Carefully add the vinegar.
  • Spoon the mixture onto baking paper on a baking tray. Make it into a mountain shape. Then make a hole in the centre with the back of a spoon.
  • Turn the oven temperature back to 150 °C. Bake the meringue for 1 hour.
  • Turn the oven off and let the meringue sit for another hour. Once it has completely cooled, carefully remove it from the baking paper and place it on a platter.
  • Beat the cream with the brown sugar. Spoon the whipped cream into the hole in the centre of the meringue. Cut the strawberries into pieces and place them on the whipped cream. You can also sprinkle powdered sugar over this crooked foam cake.




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