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Anxiety can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially if you’re experiencing it on a regular basis. It can come from what seems like nowhere and sometimes last for hours on end. The problem with anxiety is that you don’t know when you’re going to feel okay again, and in turn makes your anxiety worse.

Anxiety can be treated in many different ways, and your first port of call should always be your doctor. However, when you’re feeling anxious and unable to speak to a professional about the way you’re feeling, it’s always good to have some tricks up your sleeve to help alleviate those feelings.

Sound familiar? Here are some easy ways to lower your anxiety levels.

Use the Grounding Technique

One of the most used techniques for anxiety is the grounding technique. You’ll know all too well how anxiety can make you feel like you’re not in control of your body, from clouded thoughts to dizzy feelings and your body shaking, it’s hard to know where to put yourself.

However, by “grounding” yourself, you’re able to take control of your anxiety and provide yourself with relief.

Look around you. Find something you can touch, see, smell, hear and taste. This helps bring you back down from your anxiety attack to think clearly.

Another great technique with grounding is to literally put your feet on the floor. This also helps you regain control of your body. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply while doing this.

Look at What You’re Eating

The food you’re eating can have a massive impact on your anxiety. Did you know that junk food disrupts the chemical balance in your brain?

If you’re gorging on junk food quite often, it may be contributing to how bad you’re experiencing anxiety. Eat cleaner foods, and pack your diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables to get the nutrients your body and brain need.

Not only will your anxiety reduce, but it will improve overall health in your body too.

Try Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a wonderful way of distracting yourself from how you’re feeling. Many people suffer from anxiety at night, and a hypnosis tape can help take away those feelings of anxiety.

If you have a smartphone, there are plenty of free anxiety hypnosis apps available that will allow you to simply listen, and fall into a comfortable sleep while doing so.

A really great option if anxiety prevents you from sleeping on a regular basis.

Write Down Your Worries and Feelings

Anxiety can stem from a wide variety of places, and if you’re under stress or worrying about different things, sometimes writing them down can help you let go of them.

Many people get anxious in fear of forgetting important information, and writing it down will help your mind relax knowing you won’t forget that important piece of information.

Confide in a Loved One

Finally, there’s nothing quite like a good chat with someone you love and trust. Talk about your feelings and gain comfort from their knowledge of your experience.

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