Why Malta is an ideal winter destination
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One of the Mediterranean’s top diving destinations might not seem like the obvious choice for this year’s winter holiday, but Malta has a lot more to offer than beaches and sunshine.

Many tourists have commented on how Malta has become their go-to for a short winter break for different reasons.

From idyllic spots for a short stroll to fresh local snacks in the historic capital, here are five reasons Malta might be the one to watch this winter.


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Cheaper accommodation and more availability


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Summer in Malta remains the busiest season for the local hospitality industry, so it is very easy to find available hotel rooms at cheaper prices in the winter period. On average, accommodation is around 40% cheaper in  winter and offers a wider range of available options.

Authentic Maltese Experience


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Malta’s restaurants are less busy and as a result would be more able to host you during your stay. Locals particularly enjoy sitting in one of the island’s main village squares for a snack, warm drink and a chat, possibly followed by a short stroll through one of the various sqaqien. Visiting the island during a less busy time will show you just how the Maltese live.

It is much easier (and cheaper) to get around


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Bus fares decrease by at least 25% during the winter months in Malta, and because they are less busy you will not even have to compete for a seat. You are also more likely to arrive at your desired destination quicker.

Temperatures are still ideal


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Winter or summer, Malta enjoys the highest mean hours of sunshine in Europe, around 3,000, to be exact. If you visit between November and March, you will still be able to stick to your plans without worrying about the weather affecting them.

The Christmas setups


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Malta is a predominant Catholic country, and Christmas time here is truly more special than any other. Apart from Valletta’s Christmas setups, special offers and other special activities, Malta’s churches and public builings are also decorated this time of year. You will even catch lit nativity scenes while commuting, thanks to additional Christmas decorations on roundabouts.


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