The Mediterranean- ideal for Religious Tourism?
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Sports tourism, business tourism, medical tourism, and yes, religious tourism is also an emerging niche in tourism worth investing in.

While all types of tourism need to be catered for, religious tourism, particularly in the Mediterranean region, can be the single most powerful hospitality tool for Mediterranean states.

The centre of the globe has been blessed with sacred shrines and locations from Gibraltar to the Red Sea. Sites which, once harvested, invested in and properly catered for can continue to be religious tourism pioneers.

While many Christmas getaways focus on markets, carols, knit hats and mulled wine, the Mediterranean is also emerging as the ideal Yuletide holiday spot for faith-based reasons.

From the decorated churches in Malta, pop-up nativity scenes in Fatima and Spain, and of course, Midnight Mass in Manger Square in Bethlehem, the Mediterranean is once again set to attract thousands of pilgrims for the Christmas season.

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