Welcome Home Neo!
Image: Air Malta


A new Airbus A320Neo has landed in Malta to join the National Airline’s fleet. The new Airbus is an eco-friendly aircraft which was registered in Malta before its landing. This is the second ever Airbus A320Neo released from the Airbus base in Hamburg.

Air Malta CEO Clifford Chetcuti also confirmed that thanks to the manner in which Airbus is now manufacturing their air crafts, the newest addition to the Air Malta fleet is expected to decrease toxic emissions and decrease the airline’s maintenance costs by 20%.

The new aircraft is able to carry up to 180 passengers, and symbolizes the ‘reform’ the National Airline is currently undergoing to expand its operations and services, and eventually be dubbed the ‘Airline of the Mediterranean’.

A second aircraft is expected to be introduced to the Air Malta fleet towards the end of summer before negotiations begin to expand the airline’s services to beyond Europe, Mumbai and certain US States being among the top new destinations for Air Malta.

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