Business, Health, And Administration Are Malta’s Top Choices For Future Careers
Image: University of Malta


Malta officially has hundreds of young new experts in the business, administration, health and arts sectors!

The NSO has just confirmed that 4,580 students graduated from Malta’s highest educational institutions by the end of 2017. These fresh numbers confirm an 11.4% increase in the number of graduates.

54.7% of these graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, and over 1,300 pupils obtained a Masters’ Degree. In all levels, female graduates outnumber males. Most graduates fell in the 20-24 age bracket, making this age group the one with the highest number of Maltese and Gozitan graduates during this period. The 25-29 age bracket followed closely.

A whopping 78% of these graduates had completed their degrees on a full-time basis in all levels, and 15.1% opted for a part-time course.

The NSO very interestingly points out three main areas of study which seemed to hit home. These are Business, Administration and Law, Health and Welfare, and Arts and Humanities. All courses were offered to students on both bases of study, to both local and foreign students.


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