UK | ‘Third of people’ plan Foreign Holiday this Summer

A third (31%) of people want an overseas holiday this summer and almost half (45%) are planning an oversea trip in the next year, new research reveals.

However, the pandemic has created a “seismic shift” in attitude when it comes to travelling abroad.

The need to get away is greater than ever and the majority of people are considering more comprehensive insurance to ensure they are protected. Seven in ten of Brits surveyed (69%) say 2020 has permanently altered the way they now think about holidays – with travel cover front of mind – above cost and destination, the study by travel insurer AllClear found.

With news of the UK allowing people who are fully vaccinated to travel to and from the US and the EU, people in are now prepared to spend an extra £1,478 to ensure safety – up 58% (£932) on the same responses from six months ago, according to the poll.

Brits said they were prepared to spend an average of an extra 25% more on quality cover this year.

Top six regions that British holidaymakers say they want to visit are:

Southern Europe 36%
Northern Europe 15%
Caribbean. 15%
North America 12%
Eastern Europe/Russia 12%
Middle East 12%

Top choices for types of holiday for people who chose to have one were:

Beach holiday 41%
City break 32%
Hotel holiday 24%
Walking/hiking 17%
Villa/private house 17%

Top 10 measures people would be prepared to take to ensure safety on holiday:

1. Picking a destination based on its safety in terms of Covid-19, 47%
2. The risk of the country going back into lockdown, 47%
3. Social distancing on flights – not getting on a packed plane, 43%
4. The state of the health service in the country being visited, 42%
5. Having the best insurance cover that fully covers for Covid-19, 41%
6. The prospect of having to go into quarantine on return, 34%
7. Comfort that airports would be safe, 33%
8. Good customer reviews online for the safety of the resort, 28%
9. Paying more for quality insurance rather than getting the cheapest cover, 24%
10. Avoiding use of public transport, 24%

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