Ticket Matching And Logistics: Two Schemes Worth €2 Million Allocated To Kickstart Entertainment Industry In Malta


A total of €2 million will be allocated to the local arts and entertainment industry through a new programme intended to kickstart the culture sector.

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo and Culture Minister Jose Herrera announced two new schemes that organisers and artists will be able to benefit from.

The first is based on ticket matching whereby organisers will receive a grant for each ticket sold capped at €15.

Moreover, a fund of €1,500 will be made available to organisers who bring in controlled groups to an event under the “bubble concept” with bubbles being capped at two.

The second scheme concerns event logistics for events happening between 19th July and 31st August.

“With these schemes, we are providing the support needed for this sector to start recovering,” he said.

“The reopening has to be gradual, secure and sustainable,” he continued. “So that when we open, we don’t close again.”

Last week, health authorities sneakily passed an amendment that allowed for hundreds of people to attend large-scale events given that the venue is able to keep people in separate groups known as “bubbles”.

According to the revised rules, events can now take place with multiple “bubbles” of 100 people in attendance as long as “the venue is equipped to have physically separate sections” with separate entrances and exits, facilities and staff.

The amendment was passed just days before frustrated artists and entertainers rocked up outside Parliament in protest against health authorities’ piecemeal approach to reopening the arts and entertainment sector while football fans were allowed to take to the streets to celebrate a championship win.

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