The MBB’s guide to doing business in the EU
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500 million international consumers have gained access to all kinds of businesses based in Malta thanks to the European Single Market. The Mediterranean region has greatly benefitted from the freedom of movement within European countries, although some cross-border businesses are still affected due to improper implementation of EU legislation on a national scale, for example.

To avoid significant ‘bottlenecks’ to businesses within the EU, the Malta Business Bureau will be hosting an informative business seminar on the benefits of the European Single Market. Business owners can count on this ambitious Mediterranean island to lead discussions on how EU legislation can be implemented to support both local and cross-border business in all member states.

The Malta Business Bureau explained that the seminar will also discuss an in-depth study it has undertaken to assess how the Single Market can benefit local businesses, and propose how European businesses can break down existing barriers.

Representatives from Malta’s Government and top businesses are expected to participate in the seminar, sharing ideas, views and success stories from Malta’s business sector. Success stories which other businesses in the Mediterranean or the EU can also experience.

The seminar will be held on the 20th November at the Exchange Buildings in Malta’s Capital, Valletta. Businesses wishing to attend can register by email on

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