These restaurants have some of the most breath taking views of the Mediterranean
Image: El Carmen Restaurant

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Dining out has since stopped being just about a hearty meal. Views, the staff’s manners, presentation, an attractive interior….all these have been somehow perfectly moulded to create the perfect culinary experience, and it’s no secret that some places have it better than others.

We have been blessed with a planet that gives us some of the best views known to man, but this blue and coral cove we call the Mediterranean Sea still captures the hearts of travellers and dreamers who wish nothing more than to enter a whole new world during their travels.

We searched every nook and cranny of the Mediterranean for five restaurants with the best views of the Southern European region. And here they are…

The Old Man and the Sea- Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv

No, we didn’t just fall in love with this because of the obvious Hemingway pun. This restaurant is the complete theatre scene. You will see waiters running around like whirling dervishes and so many vibrant salads. It screams Mediterranean vibes, and it’s also the perfect spot for a quick brunch at the port.

Mare Nostrum- Marbella

You will channel your inner Poseidon here. Mare Nostrum’s decoration remains true to the Mediterranean spirit of deep blue seas and coral reefs. The ocean view is available from both indoors and out, and with fresh local products always available on the menu, you will surely be treated like King of the Sea here.

El Carmen- Ibiza

Your mind camera will be satisfied here. El Carmen is perfectly nestled in Cala d’Hort, meaning, you can have a quick dip in between meals! Also,  the place offers the best nooks to get the perfect sunset snap before the day is done.

Al Saraceno- Taormina

Che bello, though! No better way to end a busy day strolling through Sicilia’s cobbled streets than a fresh local dish at Al Saraceno. True, you might need to squint just a little to get a glimpse of the Mediterranean, but the sun peeking through the Sicilian landscape will ensnare your senses just the same.

Restaurant Gastronomique La Barbacane

Our personal favourite. Ultimate proof that the Mediterranean goes beyond its blue seas. Channel your inner Disney Princess here, and then enjoy a cheeky stroll in the castle courtyards… bliss.

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