It’s been too long, Cairo
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Our dreams of visiting the land of the Pharaohs are now within our reach! Following a 12-year hiatus, the National Airline has once again operated a direct flight between Luqa and Cairo, Egypt. Air Malta’s flight landed in Cairo Sunday night, and will now operate twice weekly to and from the Egyptian Capital.

Both flights have been scheduled as night flights due to nightly operations in Cairo being far less restricted than most European countries, allowing the Airline maximum use of all its aircrafts.

The Malta-Cairo route joins others to Tel Aviv, Tunis and Casablanca in Africa, offering fellow Europeans and ideal exchange of flights between Mainland Europe and Africa.

This week, Air Malta also introduced its fourth Airbus A320neo to its fleet. This is the second new aircraft for the airline this summer, further increasing its prospective ‘Airline of the Mediterranean’. Air Malta’s newest family member also complements its strategy to use environmentally sustainable aircrafts, seeing as the A320neos cut noise pollution by at least 50%.

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