October 4, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

UNWTO and Netflix Partner to Rethink Screen Tourism

UNWTO and Netflix have partnered on the publication of a report which looks at the role of film and series as drivers for tourism and cultural affinity. The Global Report on Cultural Affinity and Screen Tourism explores the growing affection one has towards a particular country or culture displayed on the screen. The findings of […]
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October 3, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Couple’s vast Collection Highlights history of Turkish Coffee

Boasting the largest private collection of Turkish and Ottoman coffee paraphernalia in the world, a Turkish couple has set their sights on establishing a unique coffee museum while also educating the public by loaning out pieces of their vast collection to prestigious exhibitions. Collecting and contributing to the Turkish coffee culture became a lifetime endeavor […]
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September 27, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Apple’s Biggest iPhone Upgrade Yet For Apple Maps Is Going Live Right Now

It may have had an inauspicious start, but Apple Maps has added so much reliability, and so many features that it’s now a fully-loaded, highly attractive mapping app. Today, changes promised for Apple Maps for iOS 15 have just gone live. Oh, and you don’t need to update your iPhone—the changes have happened server-side so […]
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September 26, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Malta Air Show | Red Arrows take to the skies as air show wows crowds

Crowds were treated to spectacular aerial displays as the latest edition of the Malta International Air Show began on Saturday afternoon, with aeroplanes from various countries taking to the skies above the island. The air show, first held in 1993, is taking place on Saturday and Sunday with flying displays happening around Qawra from 3pm […]
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September 26, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Rome shall fall: Italians face wild boar invasion in iconic city

Throughout history, the iconic city of Rome has been sacked, burned, plundered and pillaged by Gauls, Visigoths and vandals, but never in its history has it come up against a unique invading force of this kind: rubbish-seeking wild boars. Entire families of wild boars have become a daily sight in Rome, as groups of 10 […]
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September 25, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Malta | No Masks, No Distancing: Comedy Show to serve as Pilot Study for Indoor Events

300 vaccinated people will be take part in October 8 event and study A 300-person indoor event for vaccinated people with no masking or social distance rules will be held on October 8, as part of a pilot project to see how to safely ease rules for mass events. The event – a comedy show […]
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September 25, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Digital Nomads Welcome in Malta, The Hidden Gem of The Mediterranean

Malta, an archipelago in the Mediterranean is now welcoming digital nomads from non-European countries with a newly launched Nomad Residence Permit intended to give third country nationals, including from the US & Canada, the opportunity to work remotely from Malta for a temporary period. This initiative will be open to COVID-19 vaccinated applicants only. Malta […]
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September 23, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

FIJET | The 23rd edition of the “Travelexpo” Global Tourism Exchange opens in Città del Mare di Terrasini, Sicily

The 23rd edition of the “Travelexpo” Global Tourism Exchange opens in Città del Mare di Terrasini on Saturday 25 September and will end on Monday 27 September 2021 for the recurrence of the “World Tourism Day”. Confirmed the presence of the foreign press led by Tunisia former tourism minister Tijani Haddad, president of the International […]
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September 23, 2021 Mediterranean Observer

Disposable masks: The Dark Side of COVID-19 Pandemic

Along with social distancing and vaccination campaigns, face masks are being used in almost all countries as nations fight the new coronavirus pandemic. However, around the world, huge numbers of face masks are not disposed of properly and have instead ended up dumped in the countryside or the sea, where marine life can mistake them […]
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