Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association recognizes the spirit of new measure, but better notice was expected

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) consistently reiterates the need for a balanced approach towards safeguarding public health and keeping the economy operational. Prudence must be exercised on all fronts, all the times.

MHRA has been working closely with the decision makers namely the health and the tourism authorities to ensure that hotels and restaurants can reactivate their operations in a sustainable and safe manner during this summer season with the aim to establish strong foundations for the rest of the year. MHRA has always been on the forefront to constructively collaborate with Government to achieve the best interests of the country and the aim has always been that of gradual reopening and long-term sustainability. The related tasks and decisions are not easy and bring along with them various difficulties and hardships whatever direction is taken. Pointing fingers who is to blame for the recent increase in Covid 19 infections will not gain anything to anybody. Covid 19 is a virus which cannot be easily eradicated, and the challenge is to establish smart ways how to best live with it. Keeping hotels and restaurants indefinitely closed is not a viable option. For sure no one can say that the health protocols currently governing hotels and restaurant operations are superficial in such circumstances. MHRA notes the new measure introduced by Government earlier today, of having the EU/UK Vaccine certificate as a mandatory condition for all travellers entering Malta. MHRA asserts that more notice could have been given to travellers and operators alike to ensure better management of what is already a very complex situation. Having said this, MHRA recognizes the spirit of this measure. MHRA will remain cooperative with the authorities whilst not only bringing forth the concerns of its members but significantly keep recommending constructive solutions of how our economy can remain open and public health remains as safe as possible. The critical factor remains that all stakeholders need to keep pulling in the same direction as we must keep in mind that ultimately, we are all in the same.

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