Malta aid schemes for Travel Operators and Individual Tourists.

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The Maltese Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Hon Clayton Bartolo, announced that Malta is introducing two competitive schemes to attract tourism towards the Maltese Islands, when the world will be reopening for traveling next summer.

The first scheme, with a budget of € 3,5 Million, is for the benefit of more than 35,000 tourists who will book a holiday to the Maltese Islands. The aim of this scheme is to target that category of tourists known as ‘Individual Travelers‘, who choose to book their holiday trips directly through the “Direct Reservation System” in luxury hotels. 5, 4 and 3 stars.

Under this scheme, financial assistance of €100.00 will be provided for each person booking a five-star hotel. A financial aid of €75.00 will also be provided for each person booking a four-star hotel and a financial aid of €50.00 will also be provided for each person booking a three-star hotel. Accommodation properties located in the island of Gozo will receive an additional 10% on the financial aid that will be granted to Maltese accommodation properties to address the double insularity of the island.

Through this scheme the participating properties will be obliged to double the support that will be given by the Malta Tourism Authority so that the impact on the tourist demand will be effective and attractive. Each tourist will benefit from €200.00 if they choose to book in a five-star hotel, €150.00 if they book in a four-star hotel, €100.00 if they book in a three-star hotel. These amounts will be spent on accommodation, food and drink or various services within the same hotel.

Tourists who would like to benefit from this scheme, must book at least three days or more in the Maltese islands, through the hotel direct reservation system.

Minister Bartolo said that ‘This scheme is intended to put the Maltese Islands, as well as our hotels in a very competitive position within the international markets as soon travel is reopened next summer.”

This scheme will be administered by the Malta Tourism Authority and each hotel will be allocated a budget relative to the number of beds they have registered after one month from launch. the participating hotels will be required to present a marketing plan on how this Scheme will be promoted to attract direct bookings and indicate the tourists will benefit. This scheme is only applicable for tourists coming from abroad and will be effective from June 2021.

Another scheme with a budget of €3Million was also announced for Tour Operators to assist them in generating more bookings to Malta and Gozo. This scheme is an addition to marketing and other existing arrangements that exist with tour operators. This scheme is open for tour operators who promote and sell travel packages for tourists who will be traveling to the Maltese islands by the end of this year. This assistance will only be provided if the tourist actually travels to Malta and Gozo. This scheme is expected also to have a strong positive impact on hotels as their business model depends more on tour operators.

Minister Bartolo said that ‘There are already around 75 arrangements with tour operators from various countries including: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the Eastern European countries. However, the Malta Tourism Authority is in contact with other operators who will benefit from these arrangements”.

Minister Bartolo concluded that “This means more and more tourism will be considering our country. I am also pleased to announce that major operators including TUI, OnTheBeach, Chevron, SunSpot, FTI, TUI Germany, Carefour Voyage, Fram and VisitEurope will be fully participating in this scheme.”

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