Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association – “Positive help to aid Tourism recovery”.


The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) welcomed the announcement made by Minister of Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo about two new schemes launched by the Government to support individual travellers booking directly (known as FIT) with hotels and other related marketing initiatives, as well as incentives targeting tour operators operating to Malta.

MHRA President Tony Zahra said that, “The tourism sector is gearing up to ensure that it overcomes the most difficult 12-month period since the early 60’s. The industry feels encouraged and satisfied that beyond rhetoric Government is providing support to reignite the much-needed tourism sector”.

MHRA endorses the decision that such support is being spread across all the hotel categories as a quality destination requires to offer a proper mix of collective accommodation products. MHRA understands that boutique hotels will also qualify for such incentives. MHRA expresses satisfaction that when there is dialogue between Government and the ones who are badly hit on the economic front line, then the chances for success will be much higher.

MHRA reiterates that prudence and responsibility are critical in the coming months to ensure that the COVID-19 spread is further controlled and managed to ensure the reopening of the hospitality industry as soon as possible especially the restaurants, followed by the relaunch of the tourism sector on 1st June.

In the meantime, MHRA will keep working closely with the Ministry of Tourism, Malta Tourism Authority, and others relevant authorities to ensure that support keeps being directed and invested in the tourism, hospitality, and travel sectors as a key component of the Maltese economy.

Our objective is to re-establish the Maltese islands as a safe and quality destination in the shortest possible time.” said Tony Zahra.

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