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Miniatürk, which is the first address of local and foreign tourists in Istanbul tours, is also an ideal place for those who want to make a magnificent Turkey tour in a short time. In short, Turkey’s Showcase.

This magnificent structure, which we will call Miniature Turkey Park, is located on the Golden Horn shore of Istanbul. This park, which is rare in the world, serves only in our country. Miniatürk, the foundation of which was laid in 2001, was put into service in 2003 as a result of two years of work. So what’s in this park? If you say why it is so important, here is the answer for you. Would you like to visit different cities of our country and see the most beautiful structures? I think everyone would.

122 works found in our country are exhibited here, reduced by 1/25 from their originals. These works provide information in 9 different languages. In other words, you can visit Balikli lake here without ever going to Urfa. Or you can visit Anıtkabir without going to Ankara. There are 122 works like this.

How is it?

Miniatürk is spread over an area of ​​60,000 square meters in total. In addition to the 15,000 square meter area where the models are located, a 300-car parking lot, restaurant, cafeteria, gift shop, open-air show area, children’s playground, ferry, control boat, sightseeing train, 4 large Mini Stadiums, chess and labyrinth field and Turkey-Istanbul Simulation In Miniatürk, which is a giant complex with a helicopter tour, everything necessary for the visitors to have a good time and learn while having fun has been thought.

How Much is Miniaturk Entrance Fee? 2022

Miniaturk entrance fee is 5 TL for students, teachers and military personnel, 10 TL for civilians and 20 TL for foreign nationals.

How to get to Miniaturk?

Miniatürk is located in the Sütlüce district of Beyoğlu Municipality. You can reach the museum by metrobus, after getting off at Halıcıoğlu stop, by 41 ST municipal bus or minibus. Lines 47, 47E, 47Ç and 47N departing from Eminönü are another method of reaching Miniatürk.

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