These portable appliances are about to make your trips feel more like home
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Let’s face it, we all want to take a piece of home with us on holiday. Perhaps because we want to in a way carry our loved ones with us every step of the way, or simply because we want our travels to feel as comfortable as a lazy day at home.

Perhaps of our struggles is packing every day appliances without taking up too much of our luggage space, and of course without ruining our backs for the rest of the trip.

Here are our top travel appliances to accompany you on your next big adventure:

Travel Sonic Toothbrush 

A must-have for your carry-on. You can literally fit this into a wallet or purse and give the locals the very best first impression with a pearly-white smile. Taking ‘grinning and bearing it’ to the next level.

Teleport Caddy 

This cute gadget will make re-charging your essentials a little easier, especially when having to use outlets in crammed, odd places. The storage pod attaches itself to the wall with enough space for both a phone and a cord.

 Mini ‘dirty laundry’ bag       

This tote for dirt, as we like to call it, can be folded easily for storage, and most of them come with more than one compartment for sorting out your dirty laundry.

Mini ceramic styling iron

This one’s for the ladies! This mini 2-in-1 ceramic styling iron can be used as a straightener or a curling iron, so you can mix up your look on your trip for a series of awesome #potds  

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