Gradual improvement in the incoming Tourism movement confirms confidence in Egypt

Minister said the coronavirus infections in the governorates of South Sinai and the Red Sea are almost non-existent

Khaled Al-Anani, Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that the gradual improvement in the incoming tourism movement to Egypt since the beginning of this year confirms countries’ confidence in Egypt as a safe and distinguished tourist destination.

Al-Anani said that the coronavirus infections in the governorates of South Sinai and the Red Sea are almost non-existent.

During his participation in the Tourism Recovery Summit hosted in Riyadh, Al-Anani said that Egypt has a variety of different tourism products through which tourists can enjoy a distinguished tourism experience in open places, warm sun, landscapes, beaches, museums and unique archaeological sites, while adhering to strict health safety controls.
The minister reviewed the efforts made by the Egyptian state to support the tourism sector as it suffers from the repercussions of the coronavirus crisis, in a way that guarantees the safety of workers in the sector, citizens and tourists, including the measures that have been taken to confront this crisis, including precautionary measures and health safety controls as well as providing the coronavirus vaccine.

Al-Anani confirmed that during the next few days, the vaccination of workers in the tourism sector in the governorates of South Sinai and the Red Sea will be done, and the vaccination of tourism sector workers will begin in Cairo, Giza, Luxor and Aswan.

During the summit, the Egyptian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities presented a proposal that would contribute to confronting the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic on the global tourism and travel sector, stressing the importance of formulating clear mechanisms and identifying flexible ways to facilitate the movement of citizens between countries for the purposes of tourism.

Al-Anani referred to the events and activities that will be organized by Egypt during the next few months, such as the opening ceremony of the Rams Road restoration project in Luxor, the inauguration of the New Administrative Capital Museum, and the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The minister emphasized that setting the date for the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum will be linked to the health situation in the entire world so that the appropriate timing can be chosen for everyone, as the kings, queens and heads of the countries of the world will be invited to this event, in addition to a number of prominent figures in the world.

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