Eleven million euros as part of Tourism promotion plan announced by the Balearic Government

The Balearic Government will give a voucher of 100 euros per person for tourism between the Balearic islands. A total of 11 million will be allocated to improve connectivity, complementary offer and promotion, in addition to encouraging inland tourism with special emphasis on the “wonders” of each island.

A tourism reactivation plan was announced by the Balearic government on Tuesday. With a budget of eleven million euros, it will focus on co-marketing for tourism promotion, sponsorship of certain events and the stimulation of tourism within the Balearics.

In presenting the plan, President Armengol said that two million euros for one of the promotional campaigns – directed at traditional markets, e.g. the UK and Germany – will place special emphasis “on the wonders of each island and on the health security that will encourage people to come”.

“We have managed to be one of the regions with the lowest mortality from Covid. There has been no lack of a ventilator or a bed for those who have needed these.” The president highlighted the “magnificent work” of the islands’ health workers in fighting the pandemic.

It is very important, she added, that the Balearics maintain a good health situation, referring to the low incidence and low occupancy of hospital beds. This will enable reactivation of the economy and an opening-up to tourism in “safe conditions”. One of the islands’ “great strengths” is “the excellent health system”.

Tourism minister Iago Negueruela gave details of the reactivation plan. Five million euros will go to co-marketing promotion with airlines and ferry operators. Under this arrangement, flights to the three airports in the Balearics will continue until November 15. The aim is to extend the season “as much as possible”.

Two million euros will be for sponsoring activities and events that have been particularly affected by the pandemic. In this way, the minister explained, “innovative” tourism offers will be made for promoting the islands’ nature, heritage and culture.

There are to be two million euros for “tourist vouchers” for residents of the Balearics to travel between the islands. Trips will be for a minimum of two nights. The vouchers will be worth 100 euros per person, and the scheme will run from June 15 to June 30 and later in the year from September 1 to November 15.

Three promotion campaigns have been designed for 2021 – inter-island tourism, foreign tourism, and national tourism. The website illesbalears.travel.es will carry updated information on the situation in the Balearics and health protection measures in force, as “security is one of our main values”.

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