Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh hosts 45 bloggers to boost Tourism

Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh on Sunday hosted 45 tourism bloggers from Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Greece, the US, Italy, Armenia, and other countries, as part of a tourism and entertainment initiative.

During their visit, the guests toured the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum of Antiquities and expressed their admiration for the Pharaonic, Roman and Islamic pieces inside. They also visited the area’s old market and the Al-Sahaba Mosque.

The tour was topped off with a visit to a famous entertainment district in the town’s Hadaba area.

The bloggers shared pictures and videos of their visit to the Red Sea resort town on a number of social media platforms, in hopes of inspiring others to visit the city and country.

Meanwhile, Marsa Alam International Airport received 10 international flights from countries including the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. The airport expects a total of 46 international flights this week.

14 flights will come from the Czech Republic, 12 flights from Poland, 12 flights from Ukraine, and a few from Zurich, Romania, Moldova, and Lithuania.

Furthermore, Air Arabia Egypt has announced that starting June 10, it will run direct flights between Sharm El Sheikh and Naples, Bologna, and Bergamo airports in Italy.

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