Eating local Maltese products and seasonal couldn’t be Yummier!

When you buy local produce products, you will not only be supporting our Maltese agriculture but you will also be eating seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables that have been produced by local, small-scale farmers.

No one can deny that local products are healthier products which are packed with flavours and are more nutritious.

The Mediterranean Observer will be sharing information about what farmers are currently harvesting from their fields, but also how your business could support local products and adorn your restaurants dining tables with fresh products.

Harvesting Potatoes

This is potato season par excellence – local farmers are very busy harvesting potatoes to meet the demand by Dutch and German importers which ask for Maltese potatoes due to its very good reputation in their respective countries. We strongly encourage the valorization of this crop by local restaurants and hotels.

Summer Fruit have landed

The Maltese islands are really blessed with the most amazing summer fruits. The season always starts with loquat (naspli) – a golden yellow underutilized fruit which we can still find on the market. The first local melons and watermelons have also been harvested. The local market is currently inundated with melons and watermelons arriving from North Africa. If you are interested in these delicious fruits, we strongly encourage you to ask for those harvested by our local farmers.

Tomato Virus

A new virus is currently attacking tomatoes across the world causing very extensive damage to this crop. Even because of COVID fears, some people are staying away from buying tomatoes even if plant viruses can never affect any human being. This is leading to a decline in tomato sales and farmers are feeling the pinch. Use as many local tomatoes as possible so that together we can mitigate for this arising issue.

This information was brought to you through the collaboration between Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) and Għaqda Bdiewa Attivi (GħBA) in promoting the local farming and encouraging more the utilization of local produce and give support the local economy. For more information or if you have any queries (also related to where you can order local products from), contact us on

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