WineCab WineWall: sommelier for your smart home

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If you love sci-fi and wine in equal quantities and have a fair sum to splurge on indulging that love, then the WineCab WineWall is the home renovation piece that you did not know you needed! We tend to think of wine cellars as being dark and dusty places, often the scene of crime in murder mysteries of a certain class, and not at all space age and futuristic, like the food synthesisers in science fiction films about space travel. The WineCab WineWall is a beautiful blend of both, giving you a stylish and attractive wine storage option that not only protects and showcases your wine, but also helps you choose the right wine for your chosen meal too!

WineCab WineWall’s wine management system is designed to suit every oenophile from amateur but enthusiastic collectors to international-standard Michelin starred restaurants with extensive and expensive wine lists. The Wine Wall is a complete and comprehensive wine management system, keeping the wine at the optimum temperature and ensuring that it is safe from anyone who is not authorised to use the system. The most notable feature of the system is the 7-axis robotic arm (that means the arm has seven joints that swivel in all directions for pinpoint precise and fluid positioning) which is technology more commonly seen in immense factories, such as automotive manufacturing plants. It is the first time such technology is being seen in a home or restaurant setting. The whole WineCab WineWall is an aesthetically pleasing innovative solution for the luxury-loving oenophile. And each one is custom designed to suit the customer’s needs, using luxury materials for an indulgent and sleek look even as it stores, protects and beautifully displays the wine collection.



WineCab WineWall – the world’s most advanced wine management system

The largest offering from WineCab allows its owners – whether this is in a private home, restaurant or hotel – to showcase up to 600 bottles of wine. The database used is called Delectable, a fitting title for the world’s most advanced wine management system, and each bottle in the collection is scanned as it is placed into the WineWall, which then monitors bottle movements, dispensing and storing to provide real-time information as and when it is needed. The database can also offer a wealth of information about the wine, from the region it was produced in, to who produced and bottled it, to details about the name and the type as well as, of course, the vintage. The AI system is pre-loaded with a host of details about which wines go with which foods, so you can offer your guests personalised wine suggestions and pairing options that will work well together.

As well as this, the WineCab WineWall keeps tabs on the various vintages and will send an alert should one or more wines begin to run low. The security system’s facial recognition can be precisely plotted, so as to allow lesser vintages to be accessed by anyone with a log in, while the more important vintages – the investment bottles – will be protected and only made available to those with the relevant authority.

The main functionality of the WineCab WineWall is to protect and care for the wine, but the design must also blend in well with its setting, integrating into the décor scheme and ambience of the room in which it is placed. To this end, there is a seemingly endless range of cabinetry options and finishes and artisan craftsmen will ensure that each WineCab WineWall is perfectly positioned and tailored to suit its surroundings. This unique offering, which includes exotic woods, various metal finishes, wallpaper to the interior and the facility for customised engravings, will make sure that each WineCab WineWall is distinct from any others.

Prices start at about $179,000 for the unit, and sizes range from 6 ft and 11 ft to 15 ft – allowing customers to choose the unit that best suits their collection.

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