“We got the Vaccine, we got the Booster, so now let us live without Quarantine.” – MHRA President Tony Zahra

The President of the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) Tony Zahra, stated that the association will be meeting with the health authorities in the coming days to discuss amongst other points, the quarantine period.

Tony Zahra, stressed to the newspaper ILLUM that all those who are completely vaccinated and have even taken the booster, should no longer be quarantined.

“We must continue to live. We got the vaccine and got the booster. Now let us work and not put us in quarantine” Zahra insisted.

It was here that he stressed that during this week, the MHRA will be meeting with the health authorities to discuss these matters.

“If we took the vaccine and the booster and still put us in quarantine, then why did we take them?” asked the President of the Association.

While insisting on welcoming the fact that quarantine period has already been reduced for those who took the booster, he insisted that unless they are positive, all those who are fully vaccinated and have taken the booster, should no longer be quarantined.

The newspaper ILLUM spoke to Zahra as several business owners, including restaurants, are complaining that they are under great pressure due to several of their employees being quarantined.

“This matter was reported to our association by our members. The risk of being in contact with a positive case of COVID and be quarantined is everywhere and not only at work” insisted the MHRA President. “It’s a challenge for everyone.”

ILLUM also asked Zahra about the fact that there are long-standing quarantine certificates and that this continues to cause problems between employers and employees.

Zahra added that there are several challenges with this system as many employees are being quarantined and do not report any symptoms, so the system is not working.

However he stressed that every business must make its own decisions and every employer must decide whether to trust their employee or not, but also insisted that they agree that anyone in quarantine should present a certificate to their employer.

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