The STARS In The Mediterranean

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How does one transform a community? How does one transform a region? History has taught us, that when you find your why, you find your way. Mediterranean people have through the ages learned to value tourism as their economic source of income and lifesaver. Yet repercussions of unmanaged tourism flows are today generating debates of ‘overcrowding’, ‘over tourism’ or ‘tourism phobia’.

The Mediterranean Tourism Foundation is hosting their 6th Mediterranean Tourism Forum, which is held yearly in Malta’s shores. This time the conference will be held at the InterContinental Hotel on the 15th of February. The conference will aim to understand the nature of problems at hand and identify specific solutions which can make a real difference, as ultimately it is of vital importance to keep in mind that tourism is all about people, and they must remain the STARS of the show.

Each year, critical thinkers and contributors to the tourism sector within the Mediterranean region come together to discuss various measures how the tourism industry can act unified and move in the same direction.

As an NGO, the aim of the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation is that through these forums there is a sharing of the best practices to promote tourism as a vehicle for peace and stability across the Mediterranean region. Making it THE destination to go to for people from all over the globe.

This year’s chosen theme is the Mediterranean; Sustainable Tourism Action for Renewal Strategies (STARS). Over 1000 attendees with an interest in the Mediterranean as a tourist destination are expected to attend. The conference will feature over 40 speakers, from more than 30 countries, participating in a number of master classes, forum and gala event with the aim to make this yet another memorable event. Discussions varying across a myriad of topics, such as sustainable tourism actions and renewal strategies, decoding the future of travel and tourism experience, Mediterranean women in tourism, the potential of Mediterranean wine and culinary tourism, and many more.

To register for the conference and view the entire agenda of the forum here.

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