Social partners looking forward to collaborating with the Maltese Government in implementing Economic Vision 2021-2031

Bringing together the country’s best ideas, for an economic vision that will lead to a better quality of life – Ministers Silvio Schembri and Carmelo​ Abela

Social partners have expressed positive reactions to the economic vision 2021-2031 for national consultation and consider it an important step for building a long-term holistic future for our country. They expressed their satisfaction with this public consultation and look forward to offering their input throughout the consultation process, but more crucially, during the implementation of this vision.

In a virtual meeting of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD), Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri, in the presence of Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister Carmelo Abela, gave a detailed presentation of the intention behind the strategic vision to workers’ representatives and employers within the MCESD.

Minister Carmelo Abela stated that this economic vision means a renewal of the labour market, and as such all mechanisms are required to work to enable workers access to the labour market. The government shall continue promoting labour market participation, worker protection and adequate education for the future labour market, with the aim that each person working 40 hours per week can live comfortably and start a family. Above all, at the centre of this economic vision is the worker, and the worker needs to be protected with the best working conditions possible which enable them to reach their maximum potential. Conditions of work that are decent and just need to be in the centre of any future vision.

“The implementation of a strong economic vision occurs through clear messages, initiatives and clear incentives from the government, but also depends on the will and intelligence of entrepreneurs, businesses and workers that you represent. The regeneration of this country is influenced by the cultures and attitudes at the place of work. We have reached a point where to effect the ambitious realities we need to be ready for a cultural change”, stated Carmelo Abela.

Addressing social partners, Minister Abela said that this economic vision requires them as stakeholders, not only because this affects them and their members, but also because it depends on decisions taken every day.

Minister Silvio Schembri stressed that this is a vision by everyone for everyone. This can become a reality if the whole country is involved in this national consultation process by communicating ideas, views, as well as constructive criticism. He said that the MCESD is the strongest consultative forum in the country and that in this consultation running until the end of next month, the government has started from precisely this forum and its members because it believes that these have a lot to offer in the name of the workers and businesses that they represent.

“This is a vision and a strategy of where we want to see our country in the next decade and how to get there. We are a small country, with limited resources. We must therefore ensure that we utilise everyone’s ideas. We are here to listen, said Minister Schembri. He said that this is a government for the people and the aim of the vision is to ensure the well-being of Maltese and Gozitan families. He explained the concept behind the strategic plan and how in recent years our country has grown strongly and undergone an economic transformation that has led to an economy based on services such as financial, gaming and ICT including AI, IoT, Big Data. He added that during the pandemic, our country has shown resilience in other sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale retail, tourism, and construction.

Hence, for the next decade and based on a five-pillar foundation, the government is paving the way for building a sustainable and resilient economic future that results in a better quality of life. The minister expressed his determination that it is with the efforts of all, between the government and all parts of society that the economy for the benefit of everyone will be built. “You can help us to implement in the best way, the economic vision of our country. As a government, we are sharing with you where we want to take the leadership of the country with the priority being the protection of jobs and the diversification of the Maltese economy. Minister Schembri appealed to the social partners to formally contribute their ideas.”

The consultation process will continue with industry leaders, government entities, civil society, non-governmental organisations, and the general public. Anyone wishing to submit comments can visit or email

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