Madeira starts €500,000 Tourism Push

A €500,000 multi-platform tourism push aims to place visitors in the spotlight as ambassadors of Madeira.

‘I know where’ is the motto of the new campaign launched by the Madeira Promotion Bureau.

The latest promotional activity follows the introduction of a new brand identity for the Portuguese Atlantic island in April.

The new campaign starts today in Portugal and 17 international markets including the UK until the end of July, taking advantage of the growing opening of leisure travel around Europe.

Madeira Promotion Bureau executive director Nuno Vale said: “Whoever visits Madeira does not forget it. Everyone shares the feeling of belonging; this was the premise for the campaign.

“It starts with the idea of giving a voice to all those who felt at home during their visit to the region and having them share their recommendations.

“This is a campaign that focuses on the experience, on the human and warm side, supported by the unique look we have.

“We want to inspire everyone who is eager to travel this summer and next fall/winter, taking advantage of the rebound of markets”

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