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Restaurants mean so much more than just good food and hospitality.

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) campaign ‘Save our Restaurants’ aims to bring to the attention of all stakeholders and Government the urgent situation that restaurants, including restaurants in hotels, have reached a point where they cannot remain closed any longer.

MHRA is requesting Government to reopen Restaurants as soon as possible, in line with the other non-essential retail outlets and services, since restaurants have been amongst the worst economic victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. MHRA reiterates that after a very long tough year, restaurateurs are all looking ahead for the reopening of their establishments the soonest possible.

MHRA President Mr Tony Zahra remarked that “Operating a restaurant involves a lot of overheads, and these are not just employee wages. Many restaurant owners are reaching a breaking point waiting as to what is going to happen with their and their employee’s livelihoods. We now need a clear plan so that we all know where we stand and therefore can prepare our operations for what is an already very difficult situation.”

Tourism Workers should be Vaccinated before 1st June.

MHRA is also lobbying with the Health Authorities so that employees working in the tourism sector will, as critical economic front liners, be all vaccinated before the re-opening of the tourism market on the 1st of June 2021.

MHRA is insisting that this is important not only because it re-enforces the message that Malta is a safe destination but also will strategically ensure that any risks of extraordinary exposure to COVID-19 infections are effectively managed whilst ensuring the wellbeing of all those involved.

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