Ryanair bids to speed up delivery of sustainable aviation fuel

Ryanair is to work with the European Union and suppliers to accelerate the delivery of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The pledge came at the no-frills carrier outlined a pathway to net zero decarbonisation strategy by 2050.

The airline has established a sustainable aviation research centre in partnership with Trinity College Dublin.

The partnership aims to deliver research into SAF, zero carbon aircraft propulsion systems and noise mapping.

More than a third of its decarbonisation to come from the increased use of SAF, according to the new strategy.

A further third will come from decarbonisation through technological and operational improvements; 24% through offsetting and other unspecified “economic measures” and 10% through the introduction of better air traffic management.

Ryanair will continue to invest in new technology, aircraft, as underpinned by its $22bn date t

The airline has taken delivery of 55 out of a $22 billion commitment to purchase 210 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which carry 4% more passengers, cut fuel consumption and CO2 by 16% and lower noise emissions by a claimed 40%.

Sustainability director Thomas Fowler, said: “Ryanair understands that aviation plays a pivotal role in tackling climate change and our pathway to net zero will help us do just that.

“We are working tirelessly with our team and strategic partners to lead the way in making aviation more sustainable.

“While we’ve already come a long way, we will continue to lead the sustainable aviation agenda in European aviation as we embark on our ambitious pathway.”

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