Post-pandemic travellers ‘seeking wider choice’


Almost half (47%) of UK consumers will seek a wider choice of airline and accommodation providers to book with compared the pre-pandemic era.

Just one in ten UK travellers is set to prioritise an airline brand when booking their next trip overseas, according to a poll of 2,000 people for OTA eDreams ODIGEO. 

The company’s search data shows that interest in overseas travel for July, when international travel restrictions are expected to have been lifted, is up 119% after a year of lockdown restrictions.

However, price is still important to consumers with 52% indicating they place greatest value on securing a good price for their trip.

Pablo Caspers, the company’s chief travel officer, said: “We have spent time over the last 12 months ensuring we are well-positioned to cater to post-pandemic traveller priorities.

“Travel is expected to resume in some capacity this summer and with nearly half of the UK stating that they will value having a wider choice of airline and accommodation providers to book with than pre-pandemic, we are best placed to respond to this growing traveller appetite.

“With airlines having cancelled millions of flights over the past 12 months, most travellers want a wider choice of airlines to consider and will select carriers that have proved to be reliable and customer-centric during the pandemic.

“After a year of disruption and national lockdowns people are keen to plan trips abroad, but they are assessing more than the flight time, outbound airport and holiday destination.

“Travellers are looking for competitive fares, convenient routes, flexible booking policies, Covid-19 insurance cover and hygiene scores.”

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