Meet the Mediterranean businesses who are going green
Image: Eco Market Malta


Environmental sustainability has long been a worldwide concern and international businesses have been adopting eco-friendly measures round the clock. This is also a reality in the Mediterranean region, with its series of islands encouraging environmental sustainability in small businesses. 

Malta has been playing host to the Eco Market- an event focused on environmental awareness and sustainability in products which local businesses produce. The Eco Market is a monthly event set in several locations around the island, giving light to eco-friendly products and services available in Malta and Gozo.

Visitors can expect to get their hands on anything from fresh organic produce, houseware, catering and an endless choice of other services available, all of which proven to be safe and sustainable for the environment.

Local businesses which have yet to adopt an eco-friendly policy will also be given talks and workshops on the benefits of being an eco-friendly business, including the proven increase in the demand for services.

The next B2B Eco ‘Christmas’ will be held between the 21st and the 22nd December at the Magazino Hall, Valletta Waterfront. Prospective vendors can register their business on the event’s official website.

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