Malta | Total inbound visitors for July 2021 were estimated at 121,311

During the month of July, a total of 121,311 inbound tourists visited Malta for holiday purposes, with 5,099 tourists for business purposes with total nights spent amounted to 1,118,871 and total expenditure reached nearly €126.5 million.

The largest share of inbound tourists were aged between 25-44 (37.6 per cent), closely followed by the age bracket 0-24 (34.5 per cent). French and Italian residents comprised 29.4 per cent of total inbound tourists. The largest share of guest nights (81.8 per cent) was spent in rented accommodation establishments (Table 3). The average length of stay of total inbound tourists stood at 9.2 nights (Table 1). Total tourist expenditure reached nearly €126.5 million. The average expenditure per night was estimated at €113.0.

Detailed information can be found in today’s NSO News Release accessible here.

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