Malta | Standing Weddings to return in April, Quarantine reduced for Primary Contacts and Travellers from Dark Red Zone

From Monday 7th February, restrictions on private gatherings will be removed, Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Dr Chris Fearne announced at a press conference on Friday. Fearne added that the majority of COVID-19 measures would be removed by the beginning of summer.


  • Fully vaccinated children aged 5-11 no longer need PCR test to travel.
  • Quarantine for child contacts of COVID-19 now seven days.


  • A valid vaccine certificate will no longer be needed for entry or to work into Restaurants, Snack bars and Każini.
  • Visiting hours at Mater Dei Hospital will be extended again; they can be found on the Mater Dei Hospital website.
  • Restrictions on private gatherings will be removed.


  • Certificates will not be needed for entry or to work into Bars, Gyms, Spas, Pools, Cinemas and Theatres.
  • Travellers from Dark Red Zone countries will need to be in Quarantine for Ten (10) days, and not Fourteen (14) days.


  • Quarantine for Adult Primary contacts to drop to Five (5) days.


  • Weddings will be allowed for Standing Events up to 300 people.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Dr Chris Fearne

From February 7, Covid Vaccine certificates will not be needed for entry or work into Restaurants, Snack Bars and Kazini, and from February 14, certificates will not be needed for entry or work into Bars, Gyms, Spas, Pools, Cinemas and Theatres. However, vaccine certificate will still be needed to enter mass events, sporting events, gaming halls, night clubs and travel. Dr Fearne added that from Monday, restrictions on private gatherings will be removed.

The health minister’s announcement comes ahead of a planned relaxation of the rules around vaccine certificates during a press conference.

Fearne said that 78% of the adult population have now had their booster dose, while 40% of children aged 5 to 11 have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Travel Changes

Also from Monday, Malta will recognise vaccine certificates from Jordan and the Maldives, meaning arrivals from these countries will not need to quarantine.

From February 14, those people travelling with valid vaccine certificates from the list of dark red countries, will have their quarantine decreased from 14 days to 10 days.

Maltese residents arriving from these countries can quarantine at their home and not in a quarantine hotel. This includes employees, who arrive in Malta with a work permit approval but are still awaiting their residence documents.

As from Friday 4th February, all children between 5 and 11 with valid vaccine certificates will be able to travel without taking a PCR test.

Quarantine changes

Fearne said he aimed to address quarantine periods by February 21.

If the positivity rate continues to drop, primary contacts will only need to quarantine for five days, rather than seven days, and then present a negative test.

“The next step will then be to end quarantine for primary contacts and then we’ll look at quarantine for actual positive cases,” he said.

Children aged between five and 11, who are primary contacts, will have their quarantine period reduced to seven days as from today, Friday 4th February.

Wedding changes

Fearne said he would not provide planned dates for the reduction of other measures, except for weddings.

Currently wedding protocols allow seated weddings with up to 500 people with a valid vaccine certificate and social distancing, or up to 100 people in standing events.

From April 1, the number of people allowed at stand-up wedding events will increase to 300 people.

These numbers will continue to increase in May and June, he said.

He said there were also plans to update burial restrictions and there would be an announcement in the days to come.

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