Malta | MHRA, “Proposed new fuel station at Sliema Seafront contradicts efforts geared towards a more authentic tourism product”.

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association refers to the article published yesterday on the Times of Malta, “Sliema kerbside fuel station slated for approval.”

MHRA questions the need of having a fuel station set just right at the Sliema seafront when this should be considered as one of Malta’s leading tourism destinations. Rather than going for such eyesore developments, MHRA states that the relevant authorities should be directing investment towards the improvement of the quality experience of the Sliema seafront and its surroundings.

Facilities such as fuel stations should be located outside the town cores for various reasons so MHRA cannot understand such contradictory decisions by the relevant authorities when all today agree that Sliema and other tourism destinations across Malta and Gozo should be embellished to promote a more authentic experience.

MHRA states that such decisions contribute towards the depletion of the image of a destination and once lost it will be impossible to bring it back.

Indeed, MHRA asserts that it’s about time that a clear message is sent by the relevant authorities that they are working on the same wavelength in recognizing the importance of the holistic experience offered through critical tourism destinations such as that of Sliema seafront.

Unfortunately, from what we are seeing it doesn’t augur well for the future, however MHRA trusts that in such case logic will ultimately prevail.

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