Jet2 drops face mask rule for passengers on flights has become the first major airline to drop the rule for passengers to wear face masks on its flights.

The airline relaxed its Covid-19 rule on Tuesday (March 1), telling passengers flying to and from airports in England and Northern Ireland that wearing a mask is no longer mandatory.

A spokesman said: “It’s no longer a legal requirement to wear a face mask at our airports or onboard our planes. However, as per UK government guidance, we recommend that you continue to wear a face mask in these spaces, and you will need to wear one when you get to your overseas destination.”

Passengers will be told to put on their mask for descent and landing and will also be required to wear it in foreign airports and on transfers.

The updated advice is on the website.

For flights to and from Scotland, the airline says: “It’s still a legal requirement for everyone aged six years and over to wear a face mask at our Scottish airports and onboard our planes travelling to and from those airports. This is the case even if you’re fully vaccinated.

“If you’re unable to wear a mask, you must let us know in advance to be able to travel.”Preview (opens in a new tab)

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