Identity Defined By Architecture

Street with traditional colorful balconies in Malta

Tourism represents an important aspect of Mediterranean countries. Luckily as a region, the climate, sea and the great artistic and historic wealth, that we have been graced with, have always managed to arouse a particular interest and attract travelers to our shores.

During the past decade, we have assisted to the importance and made it our mission to ensure the growth of the tourist who seeks an “experience”, the desire to immerse themselves deeply in the local culture. On this topic, architecture comes into play in a substantial manner because it is mainly through it that the local culture is identified: from urban planning to architecture, using native shapes, dimensions and building materials; to interior design, proposing furnishing objects and finishes in line with local traditions.

Although each Mediterranean country has its own strong and well-identified style, based on centuries of very personal history and tradition, all of them are characterized by a universal symbolic language. Think of the balcony for example. A typical feature of our houses, or the light colours of the building façades in contrast to the typical vivid colours of the interior decorations; or again, the square, a symbol of socialising thanks to the favorable climate that has always allowed us to enjoy outdoor spaces.

It is our responsibility to preserve our cultures and traditions by reconciling it with contemporaneity.

Starting from this observation, is it realistic to think about the promotion of a Mediterranean architecture style with a common base that declines in each country differently according to their cultures and customs? Is it possible to bring together under the Mediterranean style umbrella cultures, histories and traditions?


Beatrice Cividini, Architect Cividini

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